Discover quality medicine in Ukraine with the Smart Medical Tour (SMT).

We help patients from all over the world in the organization of medical tourism in Ukraine, providing high-quality services for the selection and organization of personal medical programs combined with tourism.

Smart Medical Tour is your reliable partner in medical tourism in Ukraine.

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Every year more and more foreigners choose Ukraine for medical tourism.

Annually about 62,000 foreigners come to Ukraine for treatment.

Who goes to us to be treated?

Citizens of Moldova, Russia, Belarus, Germany, Italy, France, Great Britain, UAE, Central Asia, China.

0 %
foreign patients choose our cell technologies, reproduction, cardiosurgery, plastic surgery and orthopedics.
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go to the sanatorium, including those specializing in the rehabilitation of people with cerebral palsy.
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come to dentists and ophthalmologists.
Foreigners annually come to Ukraine for treatment

Affordable prices (Cost of operations in Ukraine is three times lower than in Europe)

Providing patients with quality diagnostics and treatment of complex and rare diseases

Highly qualified medical staff with many years of experience

A large number of specialized clinics that practice innovative treatments (Stem Cells)

Most procedures are performed ambulatory, without delaying the stay in the hospital

The use of minimally invasive treatment techniques